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Wild world, wild words

Over the past week, I’ve found a great deal of links to websites that list literary journals, as well as a few lists for small presses. This might be of interest to you if you are a writer looking to … Continue reading

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Just write

Today is the perfect day to write. I say that, of course, because being outside today is like being inside a bowl of vanilla ice cream–there’s a pretty fierce blizzard happening right now. But I also mean it’s the perfect … Continue reading

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Great look and feel

Just wanted to share a friend’s website. Just saw it for the first time today (sorry, Grant, I was remiss at not looking before) and it wowed me! I love the sleek, finished feel of the site. It certainly … Continue reading

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What inspires you?

Please share things that inspire you. I’ve been searching for inspiration today, albeit unconsciously. It’s been a productive day but the truth is that I’ve been avoiding what I really want to do, which is start writing out a story … Continue reading

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Project proposal

I’ve got a meeting today about a project I mentioned in an earlier post. I’m staying pretty tight-lipped about it right now because it’s in initial stages, but I’m pretty pumped. It is something that I believe in and I’m … Continue reading

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Finding peace

It’s hard to know what to write about today. There is so much happening in the news that interests me and concerns me, not to mention everything that is happening in my home (three dogs!) and everything that is happening … Continue reading

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What makes you happy?

My household seems to be going through a bit f a funk this week. I don’t know why–perhaps we’re all a little sick, maybe it’s the gloomy weather here (although I’m loading up on the vitamins), or maybe it’s the … Continue reading

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