Random business-y things

Today was what I’d call a long day. Spent most of it at the Microbusiness Training Centre for a follow up networking session and then a coaching session. I presented my business plan highlights to about 10 colleagues and I think the presentation went well. They were especially interested in a new initiative I have just created, which I will talk about in the future once it is a more solid reality. Something I am really excited about, collaborating with CEASE (Edmonton).

As usual, networking brought me into contact with lots of new people and I’d like to mention the ones who gave me their business cards. I’d mention those of you who didn’t, but I can’t remember your names. Sorry! Power of the business card at work.

  • Jo-Anne Kobylka, Celebrant and Spiritual Coach at Connected Transitions: Jo-Anne@connectedtranstion.com
  • Ha Duong, President/Consultant at Ha-Tech Consulting Inc.info@ha-techconsulting.com
  • Robin Holmen, Principal at Human Bridge Generational Strategies: info@humanbridge.ca
  • Jaswinder Kaur, Spiritual Healer/Trainer at Divine Order Healing Centre: info@divineorderhealingcentre.com

Other names to watch for in the coming year:

  • Sachin Jayanetti, owner/herbalist at Herbal Approach herbal tea shop
  • Jeffery Prior, owner/marketer at Kinetic Affinity, people-powered marketing
  • Nixie Olivia, photographer and everything artsy!

Some interesting links I found today:

That’s all the my little brain can pump out right now. For an introvert, I had a pretty good day full of meeting new people and am off to another event this evening. Phew! Being an entrepreneur means learning how to become an extrovert. Sigh.

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