What makes you happy?

My household seems to be going through a bit f a funk this week. I don’t know why–perhaps we’re all a little sick, maybe it’s the gloomy weather here (although I’m loading up on the vitamins), or maybe it’s the 2 extra dogs we’re babysitting. Not sure what the cause, but we’ve all got a case of the grumps.

What makes other folk happy when you are feeling own or upset? I like to listen to good music, read something inspiring, see beautiful pictures. I like cuddling with my dog, which is hard right now since the other two want cuddles also. Not that there’s anything wrong with them but I’ve only got two hands which just isn’t enough when there are three dogs staring at you.

One website I really like to visit is The Berry, a website that basically collects cool photos. My favourite thread (? I guess you call it that?) is called ‘Daily Motivation’ which they do once every day or so.

Here is today’s Daily Motivation. I’m going to look at it in hopes of a boost!

Please share things that help make you happy! Wishing everyone a day filled happiness,


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2 Responses to What makes you happy?

  1. Kilyra says:

    Thanks for the post and the sight. The mopes seem to be going around and I’m definitely not immune even in “Sunny BC”. I hope we both find ourselves on the upswing too and until then, we’ve got great pictures to look at 🙂

    • Aspen Gainer says:

      I’m reassured to hear it’s going around, even though I don’t wish grumpiness on anyone! From what I hear, sunny BC isn’t always that sunny but can be gloomy too! I guess I’ve found that although weather effects my mood, it’s really my internal ‘weather’ that makes the biggest difference. That and lots of vitamin D. keep looking at pretty pics and thanks for commenting 🙂

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