Be Kind

I must admit, since the whole fiasco last week with the annoyed emails about my blog post, I really haven’t wanted to write anything. It sucks when someone has a negative reaction to my writing and I get really self-conscious about it, which leads to a bad case of writer’s block.

be kind

Last week I wanted to write about my date night with Luke on Wednesday when we went the AGA. There were some great art exhibits there, especially of Alberta artists. There were two Albertan pieces I really liked, one by a couple who went around Edmonton and attributed tastes to each community, and one video art piece of a man playing a homemade cello in a fire tower. Both were awesome in different ways and I encourage you to get to the AGA and check them out. Also, if you are military members (and family), you get in free!


Alberta artists on display at the Art Gallery of Alberta. Luke reads about the project where two artists designated tastes to each community in Edmonton.

Another thing I would have written about was the adult gymnastics class I went to on Tuesday night–which turned out not to be a class but an ‘open gym’ where you could use the Ortona Gymnastics Club equipment from 9pm-1030pm for a mere $10. We didn’t know anything but a coach kindly gave us about 30 min worth of instruction on the trampoline, the ropes and the balance beams. It was hard work and I am still sore! Tonight I’m climbing with a friend at the base.

Anyway, things have been happening this week but I just haven’t felt up to writing about them. When people shit on my work, it takes me some time to get over. Maybe I’m being sensitive, but that’s just the way I am.

Just a point to follow that thought, then. If you are going to criticize someone, before you do, take a second to think about your criticism. Is it constructive for them? What are your motives? Are you just looking for someone to yell at and express your frustration, or are you truly motivated to help them? If you just want someone to bitch at, take a deep breath and walk away. Or hire a counsellor or a psychologist. Or go for coffee with a friend. Don’t release your frustration on someone who may not deserve it. There are a ton of quotes about treating others with kindness and the benefits you gain from that behaviour. Read them. They are probably true. Also, negativity is contagious. If you feel like crap and make someone else feel like crap, that chain is going to continue and now you’ve ruined many people’s days instead of just one person’s.


Think before you act, that’s all I’m trying to say. Because words are powerful and they really do affect other people, whether you know or care.

That being said, I’m using the feedback from last week as a learning lesson. When communicating, it’s very important to consider your audience. I didn’t do that and I got burned. Lesson learned.

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One Response to Be Kind

  1. OF says:

    What a powerful way of turning a negative into a positive. I hope there are a lot of people who see this and take your words to heart with a capital H.

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