Saturday: Bust

On Saturday I went to check out a rec area west of Edmonton called Chickakoo Lake. It was a total bust, an absolute failure.

I would have gone out to Blackfoot like my usual Saturday routine, but to be honest, Blackfoot is kind of ruined for me now, at least until I forget about the bitching out I got. Maybe next season.

Anyway, headed for Chickakoo, trying to find a spot called Cranberry Corner. It’s a neat-looking area, Chickakoo, but couldn’t see a single sign for Cranberry Corner and the directions I found on the internet were pretty good, but I’m unsure if where I ended up was the right spot.

Anyway, the trip consisted of me parking in an unmarked lot, strapping on snowshoes and heading out with Nikita and Sitka. I figured it was off the beaten path, and no signs for dogs on-leash. We saw some weird looking trees and everything was going good. Got about 200 metres up the trail, and then it joined up with the main trail from Chickakoo…which was groomed for skiers. And a skier was coming. So rather than take a chance and ruin the ski trail, since I’ve been told in no uncertain terms that dogs trash ski trails (despite the fact that I always scoop the poop), we just turned around and headed the other way. Got 100 metres the other way and hit someone’s house, private property. The third side was a small pond and the fourth was the parking lot. So me and the dogs just kind of floundered around the snow for a bit and then I just said to hell with it. 30 min total. What a disappointment.

We hopped back in the car and I was going to drive over to Chickakoo to check it out since it was about 5 pm and I thought maybe everyone would be gone. Anyway, I headed out of the road loop and then back around towards the main entrance, when I saw a spot on the side of the road where snowmobiles had made a track in a ravine. I figured, hell, no one is going to complain about dogs if snow mobiles go there (although I’m sure someone out there is still going to bitch for some reason), so we headed down into the ravine and back a ways from the road. We tromped around for a little while, but again, there weren’t many options and there wasn’t a lot of room. Again, about 30 min from open car door to closed car door.

Saturday trip: total, absolute bust. I wish I felt comfortable at Blackfoot, but I don’t anymore. My enjoyment of the area has been tarnished. I’d like to just forget about it but I can’t. It’ll be a couple of months at least.

Anyway, the photos I got on Saturday were the only thing remotely interesting about the trip.

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