Freedom Friday


It’s Friday again. Generally I like to do something exciting and fitness-oriented on Fridays, but today I’m going to break the pattern since I’m feeling generally unwell.

This week started off well. On Tuesday I went to check out a recreation area near Redwater and I loved it. Will definitely return, probably tomorrow. Luke got back from a ten-day exercise on Wednesday evening, so Wed was a hectic day of home-related errands and his return. I love it when he comes back but after two years, I’ve finally learned the key to being okay with his absences–this time I kept myself busy with exciting fitness goals and opportunities.


With his return, however, the urge to nest in-home and wait out this last blast of seasonal cold weather is overwhelming. But I’m starting to jones for my exercise, which makes me happy.


I’ve really noticed that being outside and getting my sweat on really helps raise my mood dramatically. It’s helped me feel better not only physically, but in every aspect. As long as I can getting moving physically, I can resist the fears of my everyday life: fear of failure, fear of poverty, fear of being alone.


Fear does not exist ‘out there’ when my blood is pumping through my veins and my mind is forced into the present so I don’t trip on my snow shoes and fall on my face. Fear doesn’t exist in the same abstract sense.


The only fear I felt in Redwater was the fear Nikita and I were invading a coyote’s territory, warned off by some eerie haunting yips that were much too close for comfort. But I will take that present ‘fight or flight’ instinctual rush over the agonizing, pervasive stench of abstract fears in ‘productive city life’ any day.

Sometimes I feel like a wild animal caged in a zoo; food and shelter are available, predators don’t exist. But what happened to the spirit and the heart of my existence? The freedom to run and fight and use my body and mind in the way that it was intended? Maybe to you it sounds cheesy and unrealistic, and I certainly don’t want to return to a caveman way of life; but I remember my deep-seated craving for the wildness more and more these days. I dream of getting fit, dream of the spirit of the Wild Woman inside of me who in past lives may have been a hunter or a scout, someone who was in top physical condition because her lifestyle demanded perfect musculature, insane stamina and amazing reflexes simply to live; the woman to whom the simple act of being alive brought immense joy; the joy of existence rather than achievement or accomplishment. Life itself was the accomplishment worthy of celebration.


This spirit is reawakening inside of me and I now say yes to things I would have said no to before. On Tuesday evening, I did some circuit training with a friend who is probably the most fit person I know. She’s amazing and she took me through a ‘simple’ workout that knocked me on my butt…in a good way. Now I want more. I don’t want to return to complacency. I want to be able to say yes and do anything I set my sights on, which means I need to improve my fitness dramatically.

I signed up for the Spartan Race a few weeks ago and despite the fact that it’s in June, I know that I need to begin now to change the way I live, bring action into my lifestyle more and stop letting small obstacles stand in the way between me and the me I want to be. All that stuff that sounds so cheesy and trite, the stuff that makes you angry because it’s too damn simple…well, that stuff is true. The hardest obstacle to overcome has nothing to do with your body and everything to do with your mind. For me, the path to success begins with conquering my head. If I win the mind game every day, every minute, every second, my body will follow my mind.


Today, despite the fact that I won’t be doing anything physical, I invested time to keep my mind positive, to remind myself what my goals are. It’s not a physical workout but I hope the investment will pay off anyway.

Here is a great Ted Talk on the link between happiness, positive thought and success.

TEDxBloomington–Shawn Achor–“The Happiness Advantage: Linking Positive Brains to Performance”

I’ve included a few of my favourite motivational images, compliments of, to help inspire you, too.

Make some small goals, then accomplish them; do the same with medium and large goals. It’ll change your life.


Believe in yourself and you gain the freedom to chase your deepest, most intimidating and rewarding dreams. Image


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One Response to Freedom Friday

  1. bruce says:

    I like your thoughts in this blog. It’s inspiring and makes me want to follow your advice plus hear more about your way of accomplishing your goal.

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