Catch-up Week

Catch Up


This week will be catch-up week for me. I’ve just returned from a trip to B.C. and I have some photos of the trip I will throw up in random order. I meant to post while I was travelling but since we camped for about 70% of the time and had patchy cell service (which is how I get internet) I didn’t post anything. Most of my spare time was also filled by a work contract (yay!), which was a challenge to do while travelling, but the good kind of challenge.

I will post the photos today or tomorrow sometime, and I also hope to post more consistently from now on as well. March has been a busy month, it seems.

I also got a part-time job at Atmosphere, an outdoor gear store, so stay tuned for possible info all about the outdoor gear I learn. I will be taking online info courses about all sorts of gear and I’m pretty excited. My boyfriend Luke is a bit of a gearhead when it comes to outdoor stuff, so I look forward to being able to compete with him in the knowledge department (love you, Luke, ha ha!).

Anyway, I hope to catch up in the next few days and start posting stuff that is current, relevant or at least entertaining, so stay tuned!

I’m also beginning a new phase of fitness. My plan is to exercise somewhere around 2-4 hours per day because I’m really taking this serious and right now, I have the time. My goal is to get into the best shape of my life because, well, it’s time. Age is irrelevant. I truly believe that the more fit I get, the more my body will be able to handle and the more I will be able to do. It will definitely help my body be healthier if I lose some pounds so I’m making it part of my job to be fit, something that I now think should be incorporated into every job. Fitness is really important, plus it can relieve some of the drain on healthcare. But more on that in one of my catch-up posts, I think.

Be well! Enjoy the short week, and I hope Easter weekend was lovely for all.

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