The Power of Women

Here are some great TED talks that I really enjoyed by/for/about women (and men, too!). If you are a woman and feeling even a little down today, I suggest you watch them all and then go out and take your world by storm!


RosieTheRiveter (1)

This talk is a great introduction to some wonderful young women who are already doing insightful work, even in their teens.

I found the ones about these girls on Barbra Streisand’s playlist, which looks like it’s got some more good ones:

This talk is about some important women’s health matters that are being ignored.

This talk is a great one for women entrepreneurs. A journalist talks about her experience with women entrepreneurs in other countries.

This last talk is a wonderful discussion of feminism in today’s world, by blogger and editor of, Courtney E. Martin. This one is really excellent (they are all excellent, of course)!

Hope you enjoy these great glimpses into the world of women and what we are saying about each other!

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