All’s quiet

I haven’t blogged at all lately. I’ve been busy changing my life a little bit.

Two weeks ago I had three jobs. Now I just have one. I unaccepted the position I was going to take as a part-time communications assistant, and last weekend I quit my job at Atmosphere, the gear store.

I recently realized that I was miserable, working too many hours for others and none for myself. So I quit everything and here I am, unemployed (well, self-employed) and okay with it.

My job now is to finish the two books I have waiting for me. I had a goal to write every day to finish the one by this coming weekend, but got really sidetracked on that and instead of working on that since the beginning of May, I only started working on it at the beginning of last week. Oh well, see what I can do in the time I have. I’m about 8800 words into the newest story section.

I wanted to finish it this weekend because I’m attending the Words in 3D conference put on by the Writers Guild of Alberta in combination with the Editors Association of Canada and the Get Publishing society. I’ve got a meeting schedule with the folks from NeWest Press, an independent press here in Edmonton, and rather than a manuscript, I’m going to hand them…what, a bunch of pieces of the book? Lame. So I failed on that. But oh well. I can’t really do any better than my best, can I?

But the good news is simply that I’m actually working on the book, now that I have time and don’t have to worry about forgetting a work shift, or doing things for others and all that. I hate being an employee. I’m a little concerned that since I’ve become self-employed I will no longer be able to stand working for anyone else, even if I really need to one day. I guess I’ll cross that bridge if I come to it.

I’ve been following this blog that I really like. It’s called Terrible Minds, written by Chuck Wendig.  It is, in my opinion, everything a blog should be: entertaining, engaging and informative. The blogger is an actual writer who writes books and keeps his fans etc up to date on books, and also comments on life in general. But his sense of humour is dry and extremely funny to me. He also often holds contests for his readers and as a prize they usually get a free copy of a book. If nothing else, his blog delivers what I think is sound life advice in a way that makes me laugh but also makes me think. In short, his blog is everything I want my blog to be. I’m slowly taking mental note of the things I like about his blog. He also asks for lots of input from his followers, which I’m sure really helps.

So all is quiet on the western front, as they say. And don’t forget that I have journalling workshops you can register for. The dates are June 1, 8 and 15 (Saturdays).

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