Personality versus professionalism?

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I recently met with Cliff Turner for my monthly mentoring meeting as part of his Break Out Year program (which is so helpful that I’m promo-ing the crap outta it!).

We talked about marketing and the ‘USP.’ During the brainstorming that Cliff guided me through, and the ensuing discussion, I realized that I’ve purposely sucked my personality out of my business because I thought it was more important to look professional that to let my personality leak into my work.

What Cliff said made tons of sense: that I will attract clients that value the face I put forward. So if I try to put forward a staunch (ummm…boring), professional and proper face, I will get clients who want that and come to me expecting that. But Cliff helped the light bulb go on…THAT’S NOT WHAT I WANT!!!

I want the messy, creative, fun, morose, deep, tragic, sensitive creative types. I want the crazy wild energy of creative passion that I can then harness, hone and polish, focus and reflect back to you, the creative types. I don’t want boring. I want exciting and fun and amazing and collaborative and challenging adventures in my business life. I want whirlwinds of creative energy that I can channel and transmute into a lightning bolt of awe-inspiring craft, yours and mine.

So, with that in mind, I’m making changes to my website and branding/marketing material. Well, I think I’m actually branding myself, since I really feel I didn’t have a brand at all. I was just generic Writer/Editor #1 million.

Here is my new ad for my editing services. Hope it makes you laugh and gain a sense of my personality!


Structural/Substantive Editing

Are you tired of people sh*tting on your writing? Tired of everyone and their dog giving you writing advice or telling you your story would be better if you changed the plot the way they want it? Maybe you’ve been told your writing isn’t good enough and you need to change a few things, like the setting, characters and plot, but then for sure you’ll get published, or finally get that ‘A.’ Maybe you hate all those rejection letters…but still think at least they’re better than no response at all?

Well, congratulations! You’re a real writer.

Writing can be tough and often extremely lonely, which is why they invented editors. We tell you what to do, tear your work apart, kill your darlings and live off your blood, sweat and tears. But we do it because: a) we care about your story, b) we care about good quality work in general, and mostly c) because you pay us to do it.

I love getting paid, so I hope you look me up. I’m actually a really nice editor and I do my best to tear your work apart with a kind smile on my face. It’s really important to me to see the story you believe in succeed. And hey, if you could thank me in your bestseller’s acknowledgements, well, that’s not too much to ask, is it?

Joking aside, I’m a structural editor and it’s important to me to gently guide you and your work to the outcome that works best for you. I think no one gains from cutting criticism and I’m more of a creative nurturer. So if you want your writing edited by a sensitive person who will give you advice without arrogance, contact me for more info.

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