Why you should follow Chuck Wendig’s blog

I have to tell you, there aren’t many blogs I read religiously. Generally, none of them can capture my attention well enough. But Chuck Wendig’s Terrble Minds is one of those few, and here is why.

It has everything. Sarcastic, strange humour; dirty language; fantastic imagination; excellent advice for writers; witty interviews with authors about their books.Oh, and he has writing contests! What more could you want in a blog? Me, nothing.


(a photo I, ahem, gathered from the internets of his cool-looking book, out now!)

This is a blog I aspire to. My blog is just a pale seedling trying to grow in the dark by comparison. I love his blog so much that I’m constantly forwarding his posts to my boyfriend, friends, anyone who I think should read his most recent posts. That means you! Oh, and Margaret Atwood follows him on Twitter. That should tell you something. Cuz, you know, anyone who my author-heroes follow is someone I want to check out.

Anyways, if you’re looking for a witty but strange or dirty laugh, check out posts like Ten Stupid Writer Tricks (writerly advice) or Flash Fiction Challenge: Choose Your Random Words or two of my absolute favourites so far, A True-To-Life Tale of Bonafide Darling-Killing and The Terribleminds Guide to Hitting on the Ladies. Especially that one…everyone should read what Chuck has to say about hitting on the ladies. My favourite phrase is: “she’s not a socket for your plug.”


Anyway, read ’em all, laugh, enjoy, learn stuff!

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One Response to Why you should follow Chuck Wendig’s blog

  1. Teeny Bikini says:

    Thanks for the reference. I will check it out.

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