Golden Green

I read an interesting blog post this morning by Fred Hicks about ‘Pay What You Want’.

In light of the blog post and the idea as a whole, I’m sharing a short story with y’all. Also incorporated into the page is the weekly challenge from WordPress to use the NextPage function thingy in a blog post. So here is my story with pages ‘n stuff!  Enjoy! Pay what you want!

[here there is supposed to be a PayPal button so you can pay me if you like my story, but it doesn’t seem to want to show up. Lucky you!!)

Golden Green

Aspen Gainer (© 2010)

“I’m glad I went to all that therapy. When I was a kid I hated it, but I pretty much hated everything until I was about twenty. At twenty, things started making sense. Maybe my brain was less addled by hormones and able to think like a grown up. I realized that my dad’s suicide wasn’t my mom’s fault, far from it, really. Mom and I are really close now, thanks to all that. And we were close with both Mom’s parents and Grandma Joan, until she died a few years ago.”

I looked at Maddie’s face. She said nothing, just stared at me

“I kept going to regular psych sessions until I was twenty five. I still go now, every once in a while if things get bad. Preventative medicine, I like to call it. So that’s my story.”

Golden green. Never seen anything like her eyes.

“Nothing to say, Quirk? No response to me heartfelt story?”

She was silent for a minute longer, then looked down at the table. Her shoulders hunched up a bit and she squeezed out her words like it pained her.

“Stop calling me Quirk. I hate it.”

“Ok. Sorry. I kind of thought you liked it.”

“Liked it? Quirk?” She planted her hands on the table and leaned forward, cheeks turning red and curly hair standing up like a ’fro. “I know I’m fucking weird,” she snapped, “but I don’t like it rubbed in my face.”

This was not going like I expected.

“Shit, girl, I’m sorry.” She glared at me.

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One Response to Golden Green

  1. dabrupa says:

    I read this yesterday Aspen and your writing is REALLY CAPTIVATING AND INTEESTING. This short story wants me to read a longer version and I don`t usually enjoy short stories because they seem so incomplete. I read a book of John Grisham`s short stories once that I kept at and enjoyed and this was the first time I sat there and fussed with a computer clicking pages till I finished and wished there was more. AND IT`S NOT JUST BECAUSE YOU`RE MY DAUGHTER, BUT BECAUSE IT WAS REALLY INTERESTING CAPTIVATING WRITING. Even the fucks were well placed and didn`t deter from the story and make daddy cringe. Well done!!! Where is the place to send $ for a VERY good read. DaBruPa

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