Not-so-old dog, new trick

Brown, Green and Blond

As part of our new, more earth-friendly lifestyle in B.C., we will be doing a lot of cycle-commuting. Luke just bought himself a spiffy new bike and all the proper pieces to tow a trailer. I have my old, POS bike and a desire to drive it into the ground and use it until it can no longer be repaired. That means we’re set, right?

Wrong. What about Nikita, Luke wondered a few weeks ago. He wants to go on an epic bicycle tour (much to my scared dismay…oh my aching taint!) but obviously Nikita has to come with us. She is, I freely admit now, our furbaby. We are now that couple–with absolutely no remorse–who considers our dog as dear to us as any child is to parents of a human. I could go on and on about why she’s so darling, amazing, wonderful smart, frustrating, stupid, infuriating and…

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  1. Elana mickler says:

    here are ads for doggy trailers:



    Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2013 00:54:48 +0000 To:

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