Lots to learn about these little guys. We saw them all over in BC. I have an interesting vid of the brown slug pictured here sliming all over the piece of dog food I gave it. I assume that is how they eat things, just slime all over them or something.

Anyway, I found a really great article on slugs. I enjoyed reading it and gained a newfound interest in the little guys. I mostly was looking for info on whether or not they are poisonous to dogs. I was taking a video of the slug…I know, sounds silly, but it’s really a lot cooler than it sounds…anyway, so in the middle of this video a huge dog nose swoops in and rolls the little guy until I tell Nikita to buzz off…that is the best part of the video, really, the huge pink nose that loves to get into everything. I tried to upload the video but as far as I can tell, if I want to upload vids directly to my blog, wordpress makes me pay for a whole new blog which is $99 per month or per year…i don’t know. More than it is worth, anyway. Just imagine it, maybe one day I’ll be able to upload the video.

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