Wattpad…why not?


Trying out this new-to-me site called Wattpad. I figure why the heck not. Got a bunch of writing that is just lining the inner walls of my computer, so I’m gonna give it a try. The crazy recluse writer in me thinks someone’s going to steal my writing and make millions off it, but the realist in me just slaps the crazy gal upside the head and sneers “As if.”

Anyway, point is, check me out on Wattpad. I don’t even know how to find me yet, so I suggest going to the site and searching my user name (AspenGainer, real secret, huh?). I’ve got two stories up so far, ones that aren’t good enough to publish or that have been rejected one too many times. I don’t want to say they’re from my reject pile, cuz I’m still pretty attached to them, but they aren’t ones that I’m likely to bust ass trying to publish in the near future. So enjoy. I still think they’re good quality, hope you like ’em! One of them is already posted in this very blog, called Golden Green.

Peace! Free mind-food! Yummy!

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One Response to Wattpad…why not?

  1. Brugain says:

    I think this is a wise move posting them. More people who like to read you the more they want to.

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