Zero Hour nears


Brown, Green and Blond

Conditions of sale come off the house this Friday. I don’t actually 100% know what that means, which makes me a little ashamed since I should know. But how I understand it is that after Friday, we officially own the house, possession date August 15. Wooot! and Aaaaack! all at the same time.


There are problems with it, of course. The furnace is 30+ years old. Actually, it’s so old that the inspector couldn’t verify its age, he just knew it was more than 30 years. The hot water tank is 17 years old and the life expectancy is 10. So we’re running on borrowed time there. Not to mention the oil tank which holds the fuel for the furnace…it’s rusting out at the bottom. The inspector made the scary observation that if it busts a leak, 250 gallons (?) of oil are going to be running down the hill…

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3 Responses to Zero Hour nears

  1. jameskallenbach says:

    Hey Aspen. It looks like quite the nice house. Here’s hoping everything goes as planned!

  2. Elana mickler says:


    Canada may be different as, i have already found when we bought the land; but, conditions of sale being removed really does not mean you own the house (my knowledge.) All it means is that you are obligated to your contract and deposit. you have accepted terms as is and your deposit is no longer refundable unless the sellor renigs on the contract. the house is not yours till closing is completed Aug 15, and all money transferred.

    if you do not complete the sale, you lose deposit and the sellor may or may not try to enforce the contract on you through legal.

    So, the fat lady is far from singing. things are still up in the air and be prepared mentally for posibility for snags, they often occur, as your mama reminded me.

    house looks cool…lots of years on it, but you have the master builder at your side, and that dog can keep you company while you do things.

    have fun in your endeavor.



    Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2013 16:49:23 +0000 To:

    • Aspen Gainer says:

      Hi Rob, thanks for the info. It’s definitely a big endeavour, that’s for sure, and scary. But it’s great, too and once August 15 rolls around it will be a huge weight off my mind! But despite the stress of buying a new home for the first time, we’re both looking forward to it! Hope you guys get a chance to see it while you’re up there.

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