Reader survey


Hello friends,

I’m looking for new ways to make money with my writing. One of the ways I’m contemplating is selling my short stories directly to you. With that option in mind, please answer the questions I have below so I can understand what you would be most interested in. Feel free to add extra information!
How much would you pay for one short story?
How much would you pay for a collection of five short stories?
How would you like to receive them? (printed version, Word document, epub document)
Do you care what the cover looks like?
How much extra would you be willing to pay for a version with a flashy cover?
How many stories in total would you be willing to purchase from me?
Do you need to read a sample of a story before you buy it from me?
Are you willing to pay more for versions I create completely on my own, even if they look slightly more amateur? Or would you prefer to pay extra and get a more polished look?
How would you like to pay for your stories? (PayPal, email money transfer, check, other-please specify)
Do you want to pay first and receive your story once you’ve paid, or would you like to receive the story, then pay? Would you be willing to pay a deposit, receive the story and then pay the balance once you received the story?
Any other comments/information you’d like to add?
thanks so much for your time!
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One Response to Reader survey

  1. brugain says:

    1. depends on the quality of the story
    2. again depends on their quality, I like to open a book to various pages and see how the author creates images and characters and intrigue.
    3. usually printed version
    4. an interesting cover peaks my interest and draws me to look inside to judge the writing
    5. ????????
    6. as many as you write and I could afford about $2-300/yr
    7. of course, I never read what i don’t find interesting although I always look for my favorite authors first and am disappointed when I can’t find a new book by them
    8. I’d pay for your own creation
    9. Paypal
    10. I’d like to pay a down-payment, receive 2-3 sample chapters then buy the rest of the story.

    I’ve read 2 or 3 of your (very) short writings that I’d of wished were novels. Have you got any finished novels for sale at this time?

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