Planting Phase 1 finished

Brown, Green and Blond

Over the past week, we’ve been working hard to build, fill and plant two raised beds with the help of Luke’s friend Nick. The lower raised bed was much easier because it’s closer to all of the resources, materials and is right by the pavement.


DSC_1200Finished bed, waiting to be filled with material and planted. We decided that we didn’t want to waste a bunch of good dirt by filling the entire bed with rich topsoil, so we filled it with large rocks, then some gravel, then a layer of mulch, all to take up room in the bottom of the bed and improve drainage, as well create a great layer of insulation. Then we filled the last foot or two with the good dirt.

All of the filling of this bottom bed was done by hand and wheelbarrow, carrying rocks and mulch, then filling the barrow by shovel, then…

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