Yesterday was what I am going to call my ideal day. I hope many more of my days will be the same.

What did I like about it? Balance.

I wrote in the morning, working on my fourth story for NaNoWriMo. I was having a lot of trouble with it and decided to take my lunch break. Over lunch, I developed a bad headache and laid down a bit, but then I realized that it was probably a stiff muscle headache. I’ve been huncing over the computer so much in the past week that my shoulder and neck muscles seized up. 

I suddenly felt the need to get out of the house, so I hooked up our small utility trailer to the Honda CRV, and me and the dogs headed out to get some firewood. Normally Luke and I go and we take the chainsaw because, well, they were invented for a reason. But I just didn’t want the hassle of the chainsaw on my own..need to bring fuel and bar oil and the tool to tighten the chain when it gets dangerously loose. Also, I’m still clumsy with the saw and though I enjoy using it, starting it is a bitch. One day soon, I’ll get myself the perfect chainsaw that starts every time for me. Yesterday, though, I just decided to use the hand saw. I dont’ remember exactly what kind of saw it is, but it’s that one… you know, with the blade and the bowed metal thingy…that one.

Anyway, off I went and spent an hour or so bucking up trailer-length pieces of wood to bring home. I didn’t know how far I’d get, but it was actually much easier than I thought it would be. Excellent work out though, hand sawing logs. When they were sawed, I also had to carry them down the little hill, over a million little trip hazards and get them in the trailer, which was another great work out.

But by the time I was finished, I had a good sweat on, my mood was better and my headache was gone. Go figure. I loaded up the dogs and we headed back home.

All in all, a good day. Some writing, a little exercise…it all balanced out to help my mood despite the clouds and the cool weather that has rolled in. And I plan to repeat te balance today.

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