Random tidbits from Cowichan

Things I love:

  • the Bings Creek free store–it’s where I got my free bath tub
  • the view
  • snow is rare! And exciting
  • gonna get chickens!
  • I have a fireplace
  • our neighbours are awesome
  • word of mouth is alive and well, Twitter is not
  • the town hangout is the gas station’s coffee pot

Some photos of the snow storm:



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2 Responses to Random tidbits from Cowichan

  1. Mary-Jo says:

    Wow, quite the dump!!! Impressive! That was just like my entire trip out to the coast and back…I’ve never seen so much snow while I was travelling but then I’ve never travelled through the mountains of BC in February. I was caught on the Coquihalla Hwy. on the way back… not able to turn around for 2 hours to make my way back to Hope. I’m only travelling out that way in the summer or autumn ever again! Thanks again for the homemade soup and bread – delicious. MJ

  2. nikita and Oreo's grandpa says:

    You’re not only a talented writer but an awsome photographer as well. Nice pics

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