Catch-all photos from Vancouver Island

I’ve been sadly remiss in blogging lately but have been storing photos and little vids up on my phone to share.

We’ve had a long/strangely also short winter. It doesn’t really feel like winter when there isn’t any snow, but there were a lot of cold gloomy days. It’s still nice to be able to shed the extra layers and enjoy the feel of the sun on your skin. But I ‘m getting ahead of myself.

Early this year, Feb 26 to be exact, I made a snap purchase of some adorable chicks for sale at Buckerfield’s, a great little farm store. We weren’t ready at all, but I decided that hey, what better way to force us to get ready than to buy the chicks. It may not have been the best order to do things in, but we bought them, then Luke built them a brooder. Later we patched up the chicken coop, and we’re still working on the fence for their yard. It’s a process. Oreo likes to help out. He has appointed himself chickie nursemaid and he is obsessed with the chicks. When they were still small and living the the house for warmth, he would put his head in the brooder and just stare at them for hours, his tail wagging gently, completely enamoured with them. I’m pretty sure it’s because he is partially border collie and they make his herding instinct go crazy. Now that the chicks (or the girls, as Luke calls them) are bigger, Oreo really wants to herd them. He holds himself back, you can tell, but the desire is there, burning in his eyes. Luke has taught Oreo the command “Where’s the girls?” and Oreo runs up to the chicken fence and checks on them. Our neighbour loves to tease Oreo with it all the time.

I’m away a lot for work, so poor Luke has had to do a lot on his own. I feel terribly guilty and also sad that I’m not home working on getting our little homestead in working order, but Luke seems really happy to do his thing, whether or not I can help.

Luke has been going crazy with the gardening prep and landscaping. He’s created a whole bunch of garden beds and cleaned up the place a lot, and it’s looking really great. He’s been working his butt off, putting in so many hours, even after he gets home from work. He usually works until dark. Also, he’s been going crazy buying and starting seeds, so our reading corner in the house that has a south and a west window are now overtaken by the seed sprouting station. I’m a little jealous that they get the great view and the sunlight, but hey. I get to eat them, so I guess in the end we’re even, haha.

What else…spring has hit the Cowichan Valley with a beautiful vengeance. I went away to Fort Saint John for work for three days and I came back and there was a velvety layer of flowers over every surface. It’s absolutely wonderful. Forget-me-nots, hyacinth, grape (?) hyacinth, daffodils, our plum tree is flowering…everywhere I look I see little flowers, some big ones, and there are even more coming. And the air smells beautiful, sweet like fir and flowers and clean water. I really do feel like I come home to heaven here.

Anyway, enjoy the random photos in random order. Sorry for any repeats.


DSC_0250[1] DSC_0258[1] DSC_0260[1] DSC_0367[1] DSC_0368[1] DSC_0369[1]

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