The neighbours bought five hens to add to our chicks. The hens are already laying. Five eggs yesterday, three today!


There would’ve been 4, but one broke, which is apparently a sign they need more calcium, in the form of ground oyster shells.
The hens are pretty territorial right now and in the mornings when I open the coop, our five young girls are in a real hurry to get out. Not sure if they’re happy to get away from the hens or just happy to get out.
There is a huge difference in attitude between our girls and the new hens. Ours are a lot sweeter and much friendlier. The hens seem a little angry and definitely aggressive to our girls. I guess that’s where the expression pecking order comes from. But our little girls stand up for themselves too, so that’s good. They’ll work it all out. And ours will hopefully start laying sometime around end of June.
Chickens lay about 1 egg per day, so by the middle of summer we should have lots of excess. We’re going to do the norm around here, a little roadside mini fridge where people drop their money and take the eggs. It’s a good system. Pretty exciting!

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