Good practice

I’m a volunteer fire fighter in my town and we practice every Thursday night.
Last night’s practice was a lot of fun. We did drafting, which is when you draw water from other sources to supply your lines.



We set up the trucks in an open area and opened up what looks like a collapsible pool–i don’t remember what it was called, but it’s a huge collapsible water bladder basically. You drop a hard line (a hose that is hard and won’t collapse) into the collapsible reservoir, suck it from there to refill your truck tank, and the hoses draw from the truck as normal. While you are using the reservoir, the tanker truck that carries your extra water runs back to the nearest hydrant, folks and returns to refill the reservoir.
Obviously this is used for areas where there’s no hydrant access and no other water sources like lakes or pools.
Anyway, it was a great training session, learned lots and it ended with a water fight, all in good fun.
Didn’t take any photos because I was busy learning!

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