This too shall pass



This weekend, it’s not all roses and sunshine; instead it’s rain clouds and challenges. Seems to be more than our shares of annoyances in the past few days. Oddly enough, I feel they are all thematically related to weakened boundaries being invaded.

First of all, the new laying hens that the neighbours bought, while they lay eggs, like to escape from the fence and hide in the blackberry brambles right outside of their fence. Of course they can’t get back in on their own, so they squawk until I come get them, then they run away from me when I try to herd them back in. Two days in a row they got out. Yesterday I patched the fence a little more, so hopefully it’ll keep them in, but the fence is pretty porous right now, seems to be leaking chickens like crazy.

Speaking of leaking, the roof leaks. We found some water droplets dripping yesterday (Saturday). I’ve seen them before. Anyway, luckily Dad was here so he and Luke surveyed the roof and the patio door frame where the drips were and figured out that we need to patch the shingles in one spot. Not that expensive, not terribly labour-intensive, something we can do ourselves…but the time is the hard part.

Then Saturday¬†evening I was scratching Oreo and found a tick. Ugh. Not sure I’ll ever get used to how gross that is. It was engorged but not terribly so. A neighbour from a few doors down was over visiting and he suggested a hot needle laid against the end of the tick, without piercing it, while also gently pulling on the tick with tweezers, slightly twisting left at the same time. I tried it and I wasn’t sure how much to pull, was worried I’d break the tick off, so he took over, It took a few applications of the hot needle, but eventually the tick let go and he got it out, head and all, thank goodness. Threw it in the fire to burn the little sucker. Oreo seemed relieved.

So everything calmed down and the evening wore on. I was getting ready for bed, went to shut the gate and then went to quickly look for something in the crawl space. I heard running water, but we have a creek just outside the crawl space. I figured it was probably the creek, but for some reason I decided I’d better make sure and double-check. Lucky I did because a pipe had cracked or came loose and was geysering water into the bottom corner of the crawl space.


Again, luckily Dad was here. I grabbed him and we surveyed it, found the shut off for that portion of water and closed it, then looked around. The section of pipe supplies the hose bib (outdoor taps for hoses). Even with that section shut off, we still have water to the house, so we’ll keep it off until we can change out that section of pipe, or tighten it and fix it. Luckily, Luke planned for the hoses to break so he has all the tools and pieces necessary for replacement. They are old and shoddy. Could have been a lot worse. The thing I’m most concerned about now is how to dry it out down there, so we’ll throw a heater and a fan on until it’s dry.

That was yesterday. I went to bed wondering why the hell it all has to happen at once, but I slept soundly. None of the challenges are that bad, thankfully.

This morning I got up and did my morning routine, looked in some dishes I’d left out last night and saw a few little black bits in one that hadn’t been there. Mice. I checked around and have found holey plastic bags, so it’s confirmed. We have mice now. Time for repackaging and setting traps. This is one relatively small problem that I hate dealing with, but if we go hard and get it dealt with now, when they aren’t too bad, hopefully we can keep them to a minimum. I’m just concerned about how to control them. The neighbours say they catch about two per day. He feeds them to a crow that comes around for the snack.

Anyway, just wanted to share some challenges to add a little realism. But despite the fact that all these little problems build up quickly and can be overwhelming, I know (I forget often, but I know) that it is important to remain positive, because negativity is a downward spiral and gets worse. Positivity is an upward spiral and also propagates itself, so I’ll go for the positivity. It feels much better. I suppose I don’t choose to be positive everyday, sometimes the negative stuff gets the best of me, but today, I’m making that choice. Stay positive, and as my grandma used to tell me, this too shall pass.

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