The beauty of the devil



People on the island hate scotch broom, and there is talk about making a concerted effort to eradicate it for good.
I’ve never had to fight to remove it from my property, so I don’t understand the hatred. In fact I find it dramatically beautiful.


It’s in full bloom everywhere right now, and the ditches and trails and other disturbed areas are gilded in golden blossoms.


The flowers remind me of lady slippers, a delicate orchid that I’ve only seen in Alberta growing in bogs. The flowers of scotch broom are a similar shape, but obviously the plant is much different.
It’s a scourge, I get that. It’s everywhere, which means it’s invasive. But I find it’s yellow happy and the birds love to sit in it  and sing their little lungs out. There is also beautiful variety in the colours of the blossoms.


I know it’s a hated plant but it makes a beautiful scene to look out through the buttery yellow blooms against the green of the trees and the brilliant blue sky.


I can’t think of a better picture of summer. So I will continue to be fond of scotch broom and find beauty in this particular devil.

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