It’s raining tomatoes!

The torrent of tomatoes is beginning! I picked only the most ripe ones today so they didn’t rot on the vine. They’re destined to be either dried or turned into spaghetti sauce or salsa.
Lots of beans too, a few strawberries, cukes, a zuke, and a jalapeno.




Here’s the jalapeno growing!


Happy to see actual corn ears formed! We planted much of the corn with beans and squash, doing the 3 Sisters thing, but found that the beans have grabbed onto the corn and are so heavy that the tops of the corn plants snap off. None of the corn has died but is all super small and not producing,  except these babies!


Soy beans! Super tasty, I definitely want more than just the one plant next year.


This is one of the raised beds we built first thing last year. Full of noms! Those are little snack sized cukes, some peppers in the background, and more.


Spaghetti squash and beans.  Beans are pretty hard to see, you gotta really hunt for them, especially on the bean plants that have taken off, because it’s just being able to see a long green thing in a bunch of long green stems and leaves. I like the purple beans because they seem to taste better and they’re a lot easier to see for picking.


A small part of the tomato jungle. I love shooting in it, surrounded by god. When you squat down, it really does feel like a jungle. Good old vitamin N, makes me happy!

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