The 10K-A-Day Project is something I am beginning today for a few reasons. It started with Ken, a fellow volunteer fire fighter, asking if anyone wanted to sign up to do a 10K race with him April 2015. His goal is to run the 10K. I don’t like running, but I was interested. When he mentioned it January, I really had no concept of what 10 kilometres feels like, so I decided to get a feel for the distance before I committed (I still haven’t committed to the race as of Feb 27, 2015, oops). That prompted me to walk 10 kilometres up one of the decommissioned logging roads that abound here in rural Vancouver Island. Turns out, walking 10K in a day is no big deal for me. That first day I got a good baseline for how difficult it felt and how long it would take me, and it was totally achievable. Since then, 10K has been my unconscious baseline for most of my walks. Also, I should mention there’s a health aspect to all this, too. I want to improve my fitness.

I love walking and hiking, by far my favourite activity, and seems like nowadays, I try to hit the 10K mark. It doesn’t happen every day because I do have other things to do, but after my hike today, I decided that every time I walk 10K-A-Day, I’ll write about it. It also allows me to share the beauty of the roads and trails that I walk, because man, if you haven’t seen them, you’re missing out. Each one offers some new and different view of awesome.

Anyway, that’s my overarching vision for this little personal project–walk 10 kilometres and get fit, take photos and vids, share my journey.

Hope you enjoy it with me!


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2 Responses to 10K-A-Day

  1. bru says:

    I love your fresh faced look in this picture. It reminds me of a painting of the most beautiful girl in the world.

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