10K-A-Day: Unknown trail


Yesterday I did another hike first thing. Arrived at the trailhead, again only about a 7 min drive from my house. Parked the car after finding a spot in all of the cars already there–it was a gorgeous day yesterday, full sun, not a cloud. I started hiking and realized that I’d left my phone at home. Dammit! That is what I use to record my route and find out the distance. Luckily I had my iPod with me so I knew what time it was and could also take photos. I figured that would be good enough because I really didn’t want to go back. So technically I have no idea if yesterday’s hike was 10K but it took two hours, about the time I did 10K on the Widow Branch trail. Also, I walked to the end of the road, so I couldn’t go farther. I think from beginning to end, the road is close to 5K, if not exactly, so I’m going to count it. Also, I’m thinking of changing my project title to Hike-A-Day for just this reason, but the whole idea is to get myself to go at least 10 kilometres in a day for exercise reasons etc.

Anyway, yesterday’s hike on an unknown trail for an unknown distance was a great one. My purpose was to find the road that I saw when walking the Widow 300 Branch, and I did find it. The road turned out to be as amazing as it looked. I kept lifting my head and seeing yet another completely breath-taking view of the valley, mountains and lake. The great thing about this trail (another old logging road) is that they’ve logged the trees around it. Don’t get me wrong, I love trees and it makes me sad to say that. But this road is basically on a shelf with nothing to impede the view so you can see everything. I saw my route up Widow 300. Saw a few spots that might be Lomas Lake, a little lake in a cone of rocky cliffs. Luke and I hiked there last summer. Saw the lake spreading out behind me, touched by the brilliant sun. It was breathtaking the whole way. The dogs loved it too. Nikita kept stopping when I stopped and would walk over to the edge of the road, hanging off into nothing, sniffing away and gazing down, just like I was doing. The road is dry, though, for most of the way until probably the last kilometre, where there are a few little streams. I was pretty worried about the dogs, they were looking really thirsty, so I gave them most of my water, then we finally hit the first stream, which they promptly turned into a tiny swimming hole. Anyway, it was another great hike and on the way down I was sad to be returning. I wanted to spend the entire sunny day hiking up there, but there is part of me that feels I have to come home and achieve something worthwhile. I get a panicky feeling when I think about hiking too long, despite the fact that I love doing it and could happily go for a full day. It’s almost as if I feel like because I love it so much, hiking can’t be worthwhile, so I’m just wasting time being selfish and not doing something useful.

I guess that’s what happens when you own a home. Every moment you spend away from the house makes you feel guilty because of the ever-burgeoning list of Things To Do. Ah well, for now I’ll stick to 10K, keep myself happy and healthy, and still be able to achieve home stuff.

Enjoy the photos. They’re with my iPod, which I’ve never used for photos before, so I can’t attest to the quality.

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